Alexa has lots of games that people with disabilities can play to entertain themselves, and keep their brains sharp! In this video, we look at two games – 1) Word Master, a word game, and 2) Dungeon Adventure, a role playing game.

Word Master is a game where you and Alexa battle it out with words – she says a word first, and then you have to come up with one starting with the last letter of Alexa’s word. You both get points based on the length of your words, and you keep going back and forth.

Dungeon Adventure, on the other hand, is a role playing game where your character can cast spells, drink potions, and fight monsters, and finish quests.

This is great for those who are blind, people with not very good motor skills and/or hand tremors, amputees – anyone who would find it difficult to roll a die, move pegs on the board, or deal with playing cards.

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