For a long time, Alexa responded only when you asked her a question. Thanks to a recent update, Alexa can now initiate things on her now! The most useful feature of that aspect is setting reminders. You can just tell Alexa to “set reminder” and she will ask you what the reminder is for and when she should remind you. This video shows how reminders work with Amazon Echo in which the user is asking Alexa to remind him to water plants.

This is especially beneficial for anyone who cannot use hands to write reminders or type them in a smartphone. Of course, many people do use their smartphones to set reminders. However, Alexa’s reminders can be especially helpful for blind people who use VoiceOver on their iPhones. When a reminder shows up on the phone, it just vibrates/notifies and displays it on the home screen. Even if a blind person is using VoiceOver, it does not read the reminder automatically. The first thing it does is just read out the time aloud. VoiceOver reading the time out loud randomly can be used as a cue by the blind user that there is a reminder displayed on the phone. The user then has to do a couple more swipes to get to the actual reminder. The video below shows how VoiceOver works with reminders.

All reminders can also be seen in the Amazon Alexa app on the phone by going to Alerts & Alarms.

Screenshot of reminders displayed in the Amazon Alexa app on the iphone.


What kind of reminders would you use Alexa for? Let us know in the comments below!

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