Many of us create lists for reminders, to-dos, action items, etc. Picture this: You will be running errands, and attending events tomorrow. In such a situation, many of us like to create a list of items we will be taking care of. Typically, you would be adding these items to a Reminder/List type app on your phone. For this purpose, you can actually use Amazon/Echo to add items to your phone’s list through an IFTTT recipe.
You can either create an applet from scratch or use an existing one already available.
An IFTTT Applet titled "Sync your Amazon Alexa to-dos with your reminders".
Clicking the cog wheel on the top right corner will let you configure the applet – you can specify which list you want to add the items to. In this example, we are adding our items to the “Action Items” list.
This is the configuration screen for the applet. Here, we have two fields: List Name, where we can specify which list on our phone we want the items to be added to, and Priority - which can be set to None, Low, Medium, and High. There is a Save button at the bottom.
So, if you say “Alexa, add Get Coffee with Adam at 5 to my to-dos”, it will first add it to Alexa’s To-Do list, and after around 20-30 seconds, to the “Action Items” list on my phone. So when I am out and about, I can just ask Siri what are on my Action Items list, and it will speak each one of them to me, one by one.

Anyone who cannot use the phone keyboard to type and retrieve list items can use a combination of IFTTT and Alexa to add items to their phone, and then have Alexa read them back one by one. This is also much easier than using VoiceOver to access the list and then reading all items.
Note: The items can be added to other apps also like EverNote and Todoist.

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