For a person with disabilities who uses Twitter quite regularly, Alexa can help find out what’s going on in the Twitter world without that person having to access a phone or computer. Alexa’s “Twitter Reader” skill connects to a user’s Twitter account, and can read out tweets from others this user is following, trending topics, mentions, likes, retweets, etc. Setting up Twitter Reader is very easy – all that needs to be done is enabling the skill from the Skills area on the Alexa app on the phone or from on a computer browser.

screenshot of the Twitter Reader skill from the Alexa app

Once enabled, a user can ask questions like:

“Alexa, ask Twitter what’s happening?”

“Alexa, ask Twitter for my mentions.”

“Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone retweeted me?”

and several others commands that are listed in the app. To see this skill in action, watch this video:


This can make things much easier for someone who’s blind, or has difficulty operating a keyboard or phone. Keep in mind though that this app doesn’t let the user post from this app (yet) but hopefully that will be a possibility in the future!

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