For someone with disabilities, especially with motor skills issues or no limbs, even enabling or disabling a simple setting on their phone can be quite a tedious task. With the help of Alexa and IFTTT, there are ways to do things on/with the phone without physically interacting with it.

If a person has an Android phone, for example, they can create an IFTTT applet that can be used with Alexa to silence and un-silence their phone. Let’s look at how easily this applet can be created.



They can create a similar applet for un-silencing their phone too by setting the ringtone volume to 100% or any other desired level. Once these applets are created, they can just tell Alexa to trigger silence or unsilence their phone. Let’s see them in a action here!


Keep in mind that the person can just say “Ok Google, silence my phone” too but for that to work, they have to be super close to the phone. Alexa can silence or unsilence their phone even when their phone is not nearby.

So, another IFTTT/Alexa combination that can make working with the phone easier for people with disabilities.

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