Did you know that you can change the “wake word” for Amazon Echo?

The Echo device defaults to the wake word Alexa but for someone with speech impairment, pronouncing “Alexa” may not be easy. Fortunately, Amazon Echo gives three more options that can be used as wake words – “Amazon”, “Echo”, and “Computer”. This can be done by either going to the Echo website at www.echo.amazon.com or the Alexa phone app, going to Settings, choosing the Echo device you want to change the wake word for (in case you have more than one), and then going to the Wake Word option. Here, you can change it to your desired word and then save. After saving, your Echo device will start responding to the new wake word.

Screenshot of Alexa app showing Settings and a list of available Echo devices.

screenshot showing dropdown of available wake words after selecting "wake word" on the previous screen. Options available are Alexa, Amazon, Echo, Computer. There is a Save button next to the drop down.

The following video shows how Amazon Echo works after changing the wake word.

Do you know of anyone who can use a different wake word than Alexa? What is the reason they would want to use a different word? Let us know in the comments below!

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