Every time you tell Alexa to perform an action, you have to start by saying “Alexa” or whatever wake word you have set for your Amazon Echo. If you need three, four or more things to be done, you have to say your wake word each time to get those actions done. For many people, that can be tiring and frustrating. For some, their speech impairment may prevent them from saying the wake word repeatedly. You can have your Amazon Echo device perform multiple actions without having you to say the wake word for each action.

All you have to do is enable “Follow-up Mode”. Go into your Amazon Alexa app on your phone (or computer), click the hamburger icon on the top left corner to open the menu, and then go to Settings. Select the Echo device you want to set Follow -up Mode for. On the next screen scroll all the way down till you see Follow-up Mode. It defaults to off. Select it to enable it.

From now on, after performing the first action, your Echo device will still listen actively for a few more seconds. While it is listening, tell it to do different action without saying the wake word.

Watch the video below to see it Follow-up Mode in action!

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