Screenshot of reminders set on an iphone

Let Alexa Set Reminders For You

For a long time, Alexa responded only when you asked her a question. Thanks to a recent update, Alexa can now initiate things on her now! The most useful feature of that aspect is setting reminders. You can just tell Alexa to “set reminder” and she will ask you what the reminder is for and…

Voice Enabled Survey On Amazon Echo

How cool is this? This is a demo of how Alexa can be used for capturing survey answers. Great for anyone who has difficulty in using a computer or pen/paper to take surveys. Check this voice enabled survey on an Amazon Echo Dot. from e. david zotter on Vimeo.

A kindle with several physical books arranged right behind it

Reading Kindle & Audible Books

Anyone with disabilities that prevent them from using traditional/ physical books (vision impairment, amputation, paralysis, etc.) can use Amazon Echo to read Kindle books to them. All they have to do is say “Alexa, read me *name of the book*, and Alexa will read it back to them! Alexa can also read Audible books! This…